Internship Warehouse

We are a dynamic and experienced team wanting to achieve big goals with our Impact Startup. Our aim is to make a revolutionary change regarding the enormous amounts of food being wasted along the entire value-added chain. We’ve already started with the first “Food Outlet Store” in Berlin, where we sell foods, which would have been thrown away despite still being of excellent quality. At the same time we are building up our warehouse, in order to save even more foodstuff and to process the sending of our “saver boxes” within our Same-Day-Delivery service. Part of these boxes are over 1300 boxes which have been preordered during our crowdfunding campaign. We are planning on delivering rescued food to startups, offices, smaller shops, producers and caterers.

We want to build awareness for the appreciation of food in general, to make food saving mainstream and by doing so implementing SirPlus as a brand. In order to make our project come true we are looking for motivated and talented interns like you!

Your mission

  • In cooperation with our Warehouse Manager
    • Overview over deliveries, warehouse stand and collection of food
    • Keep our warehouse tidy and ordered and make sure some products can be collected and are reachable
    • Plan delivery and collection routes
  • Support the commission and the composition of the Saver Boxes, including process planning, box arrangement, accurate packaging, hygiene controls collaborating with our experts team, handover to the delivery service, documentation etc.
  • Loads of other thrilling and diverse challenges which can happen in a fast growing Impact Startup with a big view

Your strengths

  • Teamplayer
  • Ecological awareness, the appreciation of food and sustainability are important topics for you
  • You are able to think in an analytical way and know how to work methodically
  • You are in a good physical condition
  • Experience in dealing with warehouse management and with commissioning is a big plus
  • Proactive and independent way of working
  • Willingness to enter a dynamic and challenging startup atmosphere

You can start from now on! We look forward to having you in our team for 2.5 - 3 months (mandatory interships up to 6 months). The internship is paid. 

Confidence within the team is the key for a good collaboration and for the success of our ambitious concept.

What we offer you

  • You can fight against food waste and make things change, together with us
  • Your work with us will be enormously relevant and very much appreciated, as we are a little team and believe that every helping soul makes a diffrence
  • You can work with an innovative, international and well connected team with over 13 years of experience regarding food waste
  • You can learn a big variety of stuff, bring in your own ideas and experience, how they are put into practice
  • A relaxed and flexible work atmosphere
  • The internship is paid

Are you ready to change the world with us? If so just write an email to Raphael Fellmer:

We are already looking forwards to getting to know you!