Nu3 Fit Müsli Cacao Crunch, 450g


Fit Müsli Cacao Crunch, 450g

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Esther Schweins
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Vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose-free

Allergens: Contains SOYA and NUTS. May contain traces of PEANUTS, other NUTS and SESAME.

More than 36% protein & only 4% sugar
With a caffeine kick from Guarana & Matcha
Simply crunchylicious
Your extra portion of protein for breakfast
The gluten-free nu3 Fit Protein Muesli is a breakfast with optimal nutritional values. It contains significantly fewer carbohydrates and only four percent sugar, which is naturally found in the ingredients. It also has a lot of protein and fiber compared to regular granola.

The protein muesli mix convinces with wake-up crunchies that kiss awake. And you get a breakfast treat without any added sugar. This makes the mix perfect for your figure-conscious diet.

The special thing about protein muesli
The crunchy protein muesli gives you the perfect balance of delicious taste and top nutritional values. Compared to conventional muesli* from the supermarket, it contains:

• At least 70% less carbohydrates
• More than half less sugar
• Over 3 times more protein
• Significantly more dietary fiber

The muesli does not contain any added sugar, is gluten-free and vegan .

It doesn't matter whether it's chocolate muesli, berry muesli or coconut muesli: all three varieties are really tasty and combine high-quality ingredients: soybeans are processed into pithy soy flakes and soy nuggets after harvesting. These give the muesli a lot of protein for muscle building. Almonds and hemp seeds provide the right bite. There are also wake-up crunchies with superfoods. This makes the fitness muesli the perfect breakfast for athletes and anyone who wants to eat a high-protein diet.

Protein muesli 2.0 with wake-up crunchies
Always tired in the morning? The crispy baked wake-up crunchies in the nu3 protein muesli bring power to your day - thanks to the caffeine from superfoods. The crunchies consist of finely ground matcha (Japanese caffeine kick) and the natural stimulant guarana.

Full and alert thanks to a fitness breakfast? yes With 35 milligrams of caffeine per 100 grams, the muesli contains almost as much as a small cup of coffee. For comparison, there is 55 milligrams of caffeine in a medium cup. Please note that the muesli is not recommended for pregnant women and children.

Start your day with nu3 In the
morning for a fitness breakfast, after your workout or as a snack in between: Eat the high-fiber high-protein muesli with your favorite milk. The gluten-free muesli without grain is also suitable as a topping.

Are you looking for more ideas to help you have a protein-rich breakfast? Here's how to get more protein into your breakfast:

• Add chia seeds, nuts or low-sugar fruits to the granola.
• Make protein balls with muesli and protein powder for more protein intake.
• Use the granola for protein breakfast cookies or protein bars.

Ingredients:  Soy flakes  (32.3%),  soy nuggets (soy protein) (20%),  hazelnuts  (15%), cocoa drops (8%) (cocoa mass (2.7%), fiber (dextrin, inulin, oligofructose), sweeteners (erythritol, steviol glycosides), cocoa butter (1.2%),  emulsifier: (soy lecithin) , natural flavor), oligofructose, sunflower oil, hemp seed, flaxseed (4%), cocoa low in oil (1.6%), cinnamon (1, 4%), natural flavor, guarana (0.8%), matcha (0.4%), sea salt, sweetener: (steviol glycosides)


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Item details:
Brand: nu3
Quantity: 450g Country of
origin: Germany

Nutritional values:

average nutritional values

per 100g


1885 KJ/ 453 Kcal



hereof: saturated fatty acids




of which sugars






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